OWL Release Notes

The release notes describe the changes to OWL.

OWL 11.3-owl5
July 18, 2019
Contains fixes and improvements to Calendar, Gradebook, Tests & Quizzes, Assignments, Lessons, and other parts of OWL. Read more...
OWL 11.3-owl4
January 3, 2019
Contains a redesign of the settings on the Add and Edit pages in Assignments, as well as fixes and improvements to Email Archive, Gradebook, Polls, Sign-up, and other parts of OWL. Read more...
OWL 11.3-owl3.1
August 23, 2018
Contains fixes to enhance the overall security of OWL.
OWL 11.3-owl3
May 3, 2018
Contains fixes and improvements to Gradebook, Announcements, Lessons, and other parts of OWL. Read more...
OWL 11.3-owl2
December 22, 2017
Contains fixes and improvements to Gradebook, Assignments, Forums, Syllabus, and other parts of OWL. Read more...
OWL 11.3-owl1
August 31, 2017
Contains an updated interface that adapts to different screen sizes, other interface changes throughout, a new spreadsheet-like Gradebook interface, new options for Lessons, and a new question progress panel for students in Tests & Quizzes. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl6
December 22, 2016
Contains the brand new User Activity feature in Statistics, the removal of the problematic Extended Matching question type from Tests & Quizzes, a fix for embedding videos in Lessons, and updates to the Turnitin integration in Assignments. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl5
August 29, 2016
Contains the new Research Guides tool, a redesigned Assignments creation page, and an updated Turnitin integration. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl4
May 5, 2016
Contains a new option to average multiple submission scores in Tests & Quizzes, new email notification options for Tests & Quizzes and for Forums, new linking and export options for SCORM Player, the addition of VoiceThread, and the removal of the Voice Authoring Tools. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl3
December 23, 2015
Contains an updated look for Schedule, a new list of participants who have not yet joined any groups in a joinable set, new controls when adding items to Syllabus, and the removal of the Academic Calendar. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl2
August 27, 2015
Contains a new view of official course enrolments in Membership, anonymous forums, a new group creation option, and an option to add Western's Academic Calendar to an OWL calendar. Read more...
OWL 10.3-owl1
May 3, 2015
Contains an updated look, a drag-and-drop option for uploading files in Resources, an extra credit option in Gradebook, new question types in Tests & Quizzes, group submissions and peer review in Assignments, a new Join page, and an updated rich text editor. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl6
December 21, 2014
Contains new view options for the Manage Participants page, and performance and user interface improvements to various tools. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl5
August 28, 2014
Contains anonymous assignments, improved Assignments navigation, Western-specific copyright options, and user interface improvements. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl4
May 1, 2014
Contains new options for groups and joinable sets, improvements to the question pool functionality in Tests & Quizzes, user experience and performance improvements in many tools, and security updates. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl3
December 22, 2013
Contains updates to the Assignments tool, a dedicated page for the Manage Participants list, the new Join Bar for joinable sites, improvements to the password policy, user experience and performance improvements, and security updates. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl2
August 29, 2013
Contains support for MathJax, the newly released PostEm tool, streamlined guest-account creation and password reset processes, more Turnitin submission types, Gradebook improvements, user experience and performance improvements, and security updates. Read more...
OWL 2.9.1-owl1
May 2, 2013
Contains a redesigned interface, a new rich text editor, many user experience improvements, support for SCORM packages, improvements to the course evaluation system and certification tool, and security updates. Read more...
OWL 2.8.x-owl5
January 3, 2013
Contains new features for joinable sites and groups, improvements to certificates of achievement, and several bug fixes, interface improvements, and security updates. Read more...
OWL 2.8.x-owl4
October 21, 2012
Contained a new tool for offering certificates of achievement, a new system for online course evaluations, additional options for making a site joinable, a new tool for requesting an OWL account, and interface improvements.
OWL 2.8.x-owl3
August 12, 2012
Contained the ability to submit and approve final course grades to the Registrar, improvements to the Lesson Builder tool, improvements to the EZProxy tool, and improvements to the Gradebook import process.
OWL 2.8.x-owl2
May 3, 2012
Contained new Gradebook options for importing grades from ScanExam, improvements to the EZProxy tool, and interface improvements.
OWL 2.8.x-owl1
February 17, 2012
Contained plagiarism detection option for submitted assignments, a new tool for off-campus access of Western Libraries' resources, a new tool for creating online lesson modules, updates to Western branding, and interface improvements.