Wiki Toolbar

Returning Home

The wiki is a tool that can contain layers of created pages. The Home button will take the user back to the start/top-level page regardless of what subpage they are on.

Return to Current Page

The View button will return the user to view the current Wiki page.

Editing a Page

Every wiki page can be edited using the edit option. While in Edit view, the right-hand side of every Wiki page has a tip box with a few suggestions for Wiki formatting. More formatting hints are available by clicking More Hints on Wiki formatting below the shown tips. You also have the option to Preview the page that you are formatting by selecting the tab above the editor.

Page Information

Page information can be found using the Info option. Permission levels are found and set here for all site roles. A list of current Wiki page use is also listed at the bottom of the page.

Page History

All edits or changes are recorded in History. All changes are shown by date and by whom. If need be, the page can be reverted to a previous version of the page.

Watching the Wiki

You have the option of receiving an email every time there is a change to the wiki or none at all.

Search Bar

There is a Search bar for every Wiki page. This Search bar will look for your keyword in all Wiki pages of the course/project site.

Using the Wiki

Getting Started

  1. The Wiki is not enabled by default. You can enable the Wiki for your course or project site by going to Edit Tools in Site Info for the project/course site in which you are working.
  2. Once in the Wiki tool, you can immediately start editing the Home page.
    • Use the "Wiki Tips" on the right-hand side for help in formatting the page (if not shown, click Show hints, more hints are available by clicking More Hints on Wiki formatting) Wiki02-a.png
    • Switch between the Preview and Edit tabs to see what your page will look like Wiki01-a.png
    • Create subpages from your Home page by typing the name of your new page in square brackets in the editor (The "?" denotes that the page is empty).
  3. Click Save

Reverting to Previous Wiki Version

If you don't like your page and need to return to a previous version of the page simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Click History
    • Compare which version you want to revert back to by switching between Current and Previous next to the appropriate version listed by date under the "Compare to" column
    • This tool is very useful for keeping track of which collaborator made what edits to the page
  2. Click Revert to this version Wiki03-a.png

Editing Permission Levels for Site Roles

You can edit the site roles within the Wiki tool, so that your students can contribute and edit the Wiki themselves.

  1. Click Info.
  2. Click Edit Site Permissions.
  3. Check off the permission levels that you wish for the various roles within your course to have. For example, if you want students to be able to edit the Wiki, select Edit under the student role.
  4. Click Save.