Tests & Quizzes

Building an Assessment

Initial Setup

  1. Click on the Tests & Quizzes link along the left navigation menu step1.png
  2. Enter a unique title for the quiz
    1. Select Create using assessment builder
    2. It is strongly suggested that you do not use a pre-existing assessment type step2.png
  3. Alternatively if you have a quiz exported from Respondus you can import it by selecting Import. step3.png
    1. Choose a file to upload
    2. Select the type of file it is
    3. Click Import Step4.png
  4. Click on the Settings tab in the newly created assessment

settings - step 1.png settings - step 2.png

Assessment Settings

Before publishing your assessment, you may want to first check its settings so as to ensure that they suit your specific needs. Below you will find a brief outline of the settings that can be changed, and what some of the options mean.

Assessment Type Information

This cannot be changed

Assessment Introduction

Delivery Dates

Assessment Release To

High Security

Timed Assessment

Assessment Organization

Mark for Review


Submission Message



Dividing an Assessment

Now that the assessment is set up, questions and parts can be added.

  1. Near the top there are options to Add Part or select a question type dividing - step 1.png
  2. To add a part to a quiz click Add Part
    • "Title" is the title of the part of the quiz you are currently adding
    • "Information" allows you to add information and attachments relevant to the part you are adding.Be sure to upload your attachments to the Resources section before attaching them
    • "Type" How the part is configured. Options are to Add questions individually or Randomly draw from a Question Pool.If randomly drawing there are a few additional options (see below).
    • "Question Ordering" determines whether the questions appear in the order they are when setting up the assessment, or in a random order inside the part. dividing - step 2.png
  3. After creating the part, questions can be added to it. Repeat this process to divide an assessment into multiple parts/sections. dividing - step3.png
  4. Alternatively you can add individual questions to the default part. dividing - step4.png

Question Pools

Creating Question Pools

Question pools are banks that organize and store multiple questions. To create a question pool:

  1. Enter the Tests & Quizzes tool. Select Question Pools from the menu across the top of the tool. Create Question Pools - step1.png
  2. Select Add New Pool. Create Question Pools - step2.png
  3. Give the question pool a name. Optionally, fill out any additional data. Create Question Pools - step3.png
  4. The new pool will now be in the list. Click on it to begin adding questions and subpools. Creat Question Pool - step 5.png
  5. To add a subpool: Question pools - step 4.png
    • Click Add Subpool (It will be inline with the subpool heading on the right)
    • Give the subpool a name. Optionally, fill out any additional data. When naming subpools, best practices dictate that the subpool should contain the name of its parent pool. e.g. POOL - SUBPOOL 1
    • The new subpool will now be in the list. Click on it to begin adding questions and subpools.
  6. To add Questions:
    • Click Add Question (It will be inline with the questions heading on the right)
    • Select a "Question Type" and click Save.
    • Fill out the necessary data for the question and click Save Question pools are ACCOUNT based, not COURSE based. If you wish to share the Question Pool with another Instructor in the course use the Share option on a Question Pool.

Random Drawing from Question Pools

  1. Select Random Draw from Question Pool under "Type" when creating an assessment part Random Draw - step 1.png
  2. Specify the number of questions to randomly draw from the pool Random Draw - step 2-5.png
  3. From the "Pool Name" drop-down menu select the desired question pool
  4. Type of Randomization:
    • Questions can be randomized every time the student takes the assessment, or
    • Questions can be randomized just once and will be the same for every subsequent attempt of the assessment
  5. Specify what each question will be worth (each question will be worth the same amount)
    • Specify a negative point value for incorrect answers (if desired)

Question Types

Multiple Choice


Short Answer / Essay

Fill in the Blank

Numeric Response



Audio Recording

File Upload

Copy from Question Pool

Calculated Questions

Extended Matching

Survey - Matrix of Choices

Publishing and Grading

Publishing Assessments

  1. Click on the drop-down menu next to the test or quiz you wish to publish Publish - Step 1.png
  2. Select Publish Publish - Step 2.png
  3. Check the assessment overview it provides to make sure the information is correct
  4. Click Publish Publish - Step 4.png

Grading Assessments

  1. Under "Published Assessments" find the column titled "Submitted"
  2. Find the assessment you wish to grade and click on the Number in the "Submitted" Column
    • Here you can adjust students total scores and give them comments on the assessment
  3. Clicking on specific student's names under the "Name" column will allow you to grade the student's submission
    • Here you can:
      • Adjust the scores of individual questions
      • Comment on individual questions
      • Add attachments to your comments In order for students to see your comments you must release Feedback to the students, this is under Settings: Feedback in the assessment. Specifically you must release Grader's Comments to the students.



external link: Tests & Quizzes Video Tutorial (Please be patient as the video loads)