Setting up your Syllabus

Creating a Syllabus

A Syllabus Item is a placeholder space to upload your syllabus. Oftentimes you will only want to create one syllabus item. However, if you are teaching a cross-listed course with different syllabus, you can create separate syllabus items and control the access for the different sections.

To add a new Syllabus:

  1. Click Add item.


  1. You will be prompted to give the new Syllabus item a title of your choice (ex, "Math 1600A Fall 2015 Course Outline").
  2. The syllabus Item will now appear. You can click on "Click to add body text" (3a) to create the syllabus through the tool, or you can upload an existing file by clicking on "Add attachments" (3b).

  1. See Rich Text Editor (CKEditor) for more information on how to create your syllabus.
  2. See Uploading Your Syllabus below for more information on attaching an existing file.


Uploading your Syllabus

If you or your department has already created an existing file, you may upload it by clicking the Add Attachments option (shown above, 3b).

  1. You may select a file from your computer or copy and paste a web link (1a), or choose a file that you've already uploaded to RESOURCES (1b).


  1. Click on Continue once you're finished.

Publishing your Syllabus

Note: Your students will not see your syllabus if you don't publish it!

Syllabus items are automatically published and available to students. To unpublish an item, simply click the lightbulb icon. Clicking the globe beside the lightbulb will allow anybody to see the item, regardless of whether or not they are in your course site. You can turn certain items off while leaving others one, depending on what you wish to make available to readers.