Site Info

General Information

Edit Site Information

Click Edit Site Information in the top left-hand corner to edit the home page of your course.

  • Change the name of your site by writing in the Site Title field.
  • Change the site's home page by writing in the Description field and/or including a photo.
  • Enable or Disable LaTeX math:


Managing Site Tools

Edit Tools

Adding or Removing a Tool

Using the Site Info tool, you can add, edit, or remove the tools on the menubar. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. In your site, from the menubar on the left navigate to Site Info.
  2. Click Edit Tools from the grey menu across the top.
  3. Check the boxes next to the tools that you wish to add to your menubar; uncheck the box if you are removing a tool.
  4. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.If you're adding the NEWS or WEB CONTENT tools, the Customize Tools screen will provide you a chance to make certain changes.
  5. On the confirmation screen, you will see a list of your site's tools and any changes you've made. If the list is accurate, click Finish.

Page Order

Hiding, Renaming, and Organizing Tools

In OWL, you have the ability to hide, rename, and reorganize your Tools.

  1. To do so, navigate to Site Info and click on Page Order in the horizontal menu near the top of your worksite.
  2. Click then drag-and-drop any of the menu items (tools) in this list to reorder the left-hand menu for the course.
  3. For each tool, you can also click on the icons on the right to rename, hide/unhide or remove the tool.
    1. Rename sakaitools01-o.png
    2. Hide/Unhide sakaitools02-o.png
    3. Remove sakaitools03-o.png
  4. Click Save.

Hiding a given tool will render the tool available to you, the instructor, but unavailable to students; you will know a tool is successfully hidden if it appears italicized in your sidebar. Try not to gratuitously rename any of the core tools, as it may confuse students who are dealing with multiple courses at once.While we suggest renaming your core tools conservatively, feel free to rename your LESSONS to suit your needs.

Managing Users

Enrollments in your courses are updated automatically from information provided by the registrar’s office.

Add Participants

To manually allow access to the course:

On the Site Info tab,

  1. Click Add Participants siteinfo01-a.png
  2. If the participants are Western students, staff or faculty, type their Western usernames or email addresses in the "Official Participants" box.
  3. If the participants are not Western students, staff or faculty, type their email addresses in the "Non official Participants" box. siteinfo02-a.png
  4. Select the "Participant Roles".For more information on Participant Roles, see the OWL Site Roles Page.
  5. Select "Participant Status".
  6. Click Continue.
  7. If you chose "Assign all participants the same role," check off the appropriate role.
  8. If you chose "Assign each participant a role individually," you will choose the appropriate role from the drop-down menu to the left of each participant's name.siteinfo03-a.png
  9. Click Continue.
  10. Choose whether or not to send email notifications to the participants.
  11. Click Continue.
  12. Review the list of participants to be added. If it is correct, click Finish. If you want to make changes, click Back and make your changes accordingly. siteinfo04-a.png

Update and Remove Participants

You can update and remove participants from the main screen in Site Info

To remove students:

  1. In the participant list, find the users who must be removed.
  2. Check the check boxes in the rightmost column for these users.
  3. Click Update Participants

To change students' roles

  1. In the participant list, find any users whose roles must be changed.
  2. Under the role column, use the drop downs to select the appropriate roles for these users.
  3. Click Update Participants

Manage Groups

Manage Groups allows you to create a group of participants and give them addition or limited access. To Create a New Group

  1. Click Create a New Group
  2. Type a Title to name the group.
  3. Select participants from the Members List and use the arrow buttons to add or remove them to the group.

To create an Automatic Group:

  1. Click Auto Groups.
  2. Select the role for all the participants of the group.
  3. Click Update.
  4. This page will show you how many students are in the automatic group.
  5. Click Edit to add or remove individual participants from the group.

Removing Groups

  1. Check the Remove box to the left of each group.
  2. Click Remove Checked.
  3. Review the list of groups and click Delete Groups.

Joinable Sets

To create a group to which students can sign up for with a maximum allowed number of participants, please follow the directions found on the Joinable Sets page.

Manage Access

  1. Navigate again to the Site Info tool and click on “Manage Access” at top of the display.
  2. Check or uncheck the box adjacent to “Publish site” to make it accessible to the students enrolled in the course once you have set up the course for their use. You can unpublish and republish a course at any time through this checkbox.
  3. Click on “Update.”

Managing Content

Import Content From Site

  1. Navigate again to the Site Info tool and click on “Import Content” at top of the display.
  2. On the Import Data screen, choose one of the following:
    • I would like to replace my data: Use this option if you want the imported data to overwrite the existing data. This method only allows you to select one site to import data from.
    • I would like to merge my data: Use this option if you want the imported data to merge with the existing data. This method allows you to select multiple sites to import data from.
    • I would like to merge my user(s): Use this option if you want to import the participant roster from another site. This method does not import roster-provided users.
  3. Select the box next to the site that contains the source material. Then click Continue.
  4. If applicable, under the name of the site(s) you selected, check the box next to each tool that contains source material you want to import. If a box is grayed out, it means the corresponding tool is not enabled in that site. Then click Finish.


    • Items saved as drafts in the source site will be imported as drafts, which means they are not immediately viewable by participants. To make them viewable, you must post them. For instructions, see Posting an assignment previously saved as a draft.
    • When assignments are imported from another site, the Add to Gradebook option is selected by default. If such an assignment is then updated and saved, a corresponding Gradebook entry will be created, which may or may not be what was intended. To associate the item to an existing Gradebook entry rather than creating a new Gradebook item from within the Assignments tool, select Associate with existing Gradebook entry and choose the desired Gradebook entry before posting. For more on the differences between the two options, see Linking an assignment to the Gradebook
    • When you import Gradebook settings, it may be possible to import an item with a Gradebook Item Point Value of less than or equal to 0 (zero); however, if you try to edit such an item, you will receive an error message.