SCORM Player

Publishing and Uploading Articulate Storyline Modules

  1. Publish your Articulate Storyline Module. This will open a dialogue box.
  2. Under the LMS tab of the dialogue box, make sure the Output Options are set to SCORM 2004 and under the Reporting and Tracking button, make sure to select 3rd edition. Scorm1-a.png
  3. Hit Ok and then Publish.
  4. Once you have your folder saved, you will have to compress it into a zip file. Scorm1-a.png
  5. You can then upload this zip file into the SCORM tool on OWL.

Configuring to Gradebook

  1. In order to connect the module to gradebook, click on the SCORM tool. Then under the name your module, click on Configure.
  2. Make sure to check off the tab beside "Synchronize score to Gradebook".
  3. This will create an entry in Gradebook that will automatically update the grades from the SCORM player.

Allowing students access to the Module

  1. The Module itself can be uploaded and embedded within a Lessons page so that students can access it.
  2. First go back to the SCORM Player tool. The right click on the name of your Module (the one you just uploaded) and copy link address. Scorm3-a.png
  3. Under a Lessons page, click on Add Content and then click on Embed Content on Page.
  4. You will need to paste the link you copied earlier in the Add URL box.
  5. Once you hit Save, the Module should be embedded onto the Lessons page.
  6. You can also adjust the size of the Module by clicking on the Edit button and adjusting the height. Scorm4-a.png