Schedule is a tool that allows users to organize important dates in a calendar format. The calendar is present on the home page of each course site. All accessible calendars from individual course sites are automatically merged into the My Workspace Schedule.

Other Owl tools like Assignments, Tests & Quizzes, and Blackboard Collaborative/Elluminate Live! Bridge are able to automatically import deadlines and meetings into Schedule.

To enable the Schedule Tool, navigate to Edit Tools within Site Info of the course or project site you are working on.

Navigating through Schedule

Calendar views and printing schedules

Schedule has interchangeable view options from day, week, month, year, and list of events. Adobe PDF files of a Schedule are also available for printing.

Changing calendar view

  1. Use the drop down menu to select which way you want your calendar to appear
    • Day - organizes hour to hour events for an entire day
    • Week - shows all events for an entire week
    • Month - an overview of all events for an entire month
    • Year - a broad outline for a full calendar year, highlighting specific days with scheduled events
    • List of Events - a detailed list of all scheduled events organized by date and time Day and Week views do not show all the hours of the day. Click earlier or later to adjust the time of day
  2. Click Set as Default ViewYou must manually adjust the default view of Schedule for each individual siteschedule01-a.png


You can get an Adobe PDF file of your schedule to print.

  1. Select which view of your calendar you want to print You cannot print schedules using the "Calendar by Year" view
  2. Click Printable Version

Customizing the home page calendar

Each site schedule is shown on the home page calendar for each individual course. A collection of all accessible schedules from other sites are automatically merged in My Workspace. You are able to customize the view and priority settings on the home page calendar across all accessible sites. This is a personal setting, only you will be able to see these changes

Changing calendar view (on the home page)

  1. Navigate to the site Homeschedule02-a.png
  2. Under the calendar heading, select Optionsschedule03-a.png
  3. Using the drop down menu under "Calendar Display", select either Calendar by Week or Calendar by Monthschedule04-a.png

Adjusting Priority Settings

You can define event priorities and priority colors. The calendar will color days with the defined priority color for the highest event priority of the day.

  1. Under "Event types" select an event label within the text boxYou can select multiple event labels by holding down Ctrl/Cmd while clicking
  2. Click Move up or Move Down to place the event label within High, Medium or Low Priority
  3. Under "Colors" customize the color of each priority level by entering a hexadecimal color code or click on the visual color palletschedule05-a.png
  4. Click Update to save your settings

Creating Schedule Items

Adding a new event

  1. Select Add at the top of the pageschedule06-a.png
  2. Enter a title and select a time frame for your event. You can pick the date by using the drop down menu or using the built-in calendar functionWhen using the build-in calendar function, the week begins on Monday and ends on Sundayschedule07-a.png
  3. Fill in a description outlining your event using the rich-text editor
  4. Select "Display to site" or "Display to selected groups" to make the event visible to everyone or only to specific groupsschedule08-a.png
  5. If your event is reoccurring you can adjust the Frequency
    1. Select how often your event occurs
    2. Select when your event endsschedule09-a.png
  6. Event Type: select the appropriate label for your event using the drop down menu
  7. Provide a location for your event
  8. Click Add Attachment to attach any necessary resources
  9. Click Save Event to publish your event onto the calendarschedule10-a.png

Creating a new field

The Schedule tool allows you to create your own field(s) which will appear at the bottom of the page when you are creating a new event.

  1. Select Fields on the top of the pageschedule11-a.png
  2. Enter the name of your new field in the text box
  3. Click Create Field
  4. Click Save Field Changes to save your newly created field

Removing a field

  1. Check the "Remove" box for the specific field(s) you want to removeYou can only remove fields you createdschedule12-a.png
  2. Click Save Field Changes
  3. A red notification will appear at the top of the page to prompt you which fields will be removedschedule13-a.png
  4. Click Save Field Changes again to remove the field

Merging, Importing, Exporting Schedules

Merging Schedules

You are able to merge other schedules from other accessible site calendars. Unlike the My Workspace schedule that merges all your calendars, this feature allows you to select specific site schedules to merge with.

  1. Select Merge at the top of the pageschedule14-a.png
  2. Check the "Show Schedule" box(s) for the site schedules you want to mergeschedule15-a.png
  3. Click Save

Importing and Exporting (Subscribing) Calendars

The Schedule tool allows you to both import other calendars and export site calendars using your own personal calendar application (for example: Lightning, Meeting Maker, Microsoft Outlook, and iCal).

Setting the appropriate permissions for importing and exporting

  1. Navigate to the Schedule from the left menu
  2. Select Permissions at the top of the page scheudle16-a.png
  3. Check the "Import Events" and "Subscribe to Calendars" boxes scheudle17-a.png
  4. Click Save

Importing a Calendar

  1. Select Import at the top of the page
  2. Check the appropriate type of calendar you plan on importing then click Continue
  3. Click Browse to find the calendar file you want to upload then click Continue
  4. A list of events that will be imported will appear. Uncheck the "Import?" box(s) for any event you do not want to import into your site schedule schedule18-a.png
  5. Select if you want the imported events to be seen by the entire site or only select groups
  6. Click Import Events

Create a calendar subscription (export)

  1. Select Subscriptions (export) at the top of the page
  2. Type in an appropriate name in the text box and check the "Enable Subscription?" box schedule19-a.png
  3. Click Save

You can now add this schedule to your calendar application:

  1. Select Subscriptions (export) at the top of the page
  2. Copy the Subscription URL Link schedule20-a.png
  3. Add it as a remote calendar your personal calendar application