Basic Usage of the Podcast Tool

Adding the Podcast Tool to Your OWL Site

  1. To add Podcasts to your site navigate to Site Info in the OWL site in which you would like to make podcasts available.
  2. Click Edit Tools step1&2.png
  3. Navigate to Podcasts in the list of tools, and check the check box to the left of the title. step3.png
  4. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the button that says Continue. step4.png
  5. You should see a list of tools that are used in this site, now including Podcasts, To complete the process click the button that says Finish. step5.png
  6. You should now see Podcasts in the tool bar of that site.

Adding a Podcast

  1. Navigate to Podcasts in the site that you want to add a podcast to.
  2. Right under the header you should see three options: "Add", "Options", and "Permissions". Click on Add. step2.png
  3. There is one button and three fields here to fill out
    1. Click the Choose a file button open a window and select a podcast to upload.
    2. Select a date and time for the podcast to be published.
    3. Give the podcast a title
    4. Add a description to the Podcast step3&4.png
  4. Click the Add button to complete the process.

You should now see your uploaded file in Podcasts now

Viewing and downloading podcast files

  1. Navigate to Podcasts in the site that you want to download the podcast from
  2. Click Download beside the podcast you wish to download. step1.png

Allowing students to upload podcast files

Subscribing to a podcast

  1. Navigate to Podcasts in the site that you want to subscribe to for it's podcast.
  2. Select the URL at the top of the site and copy it. step2.png
  3. Open a a podcatcher such as iTunes and click File then Subscribe to Podcast… step3.png
  4. Paste the URL into text box, and then click ok. step4.png