Drop Box

Drop Box is a tool that allows users to share various types of material securely with the Instructor/Maintainer of the site. As well, the Instructor/Maintainer can share content with individual users. Each user has access to their own personal folder and the Instructor/Maintainer is able to view the folders of all members in the site. The functions of Drop Box work much in the same way as Resources, but with some important differences.

  • All users can can upload files (e.g. word documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, and videos), as well as create and post HTML (web) pages, simple text documents, and share links to useful websites in their own folder. See Working with Files for more information.
  • Instructors can both upload and download content to any user's folder.

Drop Box can be an easy way for students to submit material to the instructor and for the instructor to return feedback to students/users, although Assignments may be better suited for grading purposes.

Working with Files

Files are what lie within the folders in Drop Box. Files are important because they are the actual materials that the instructor, maintainer, student, teaching assistant, and others require access to. Files can be anything from word documents to videos.

Adding Content

This is one of the main functions of DropBox. Add content by following these steps:

  1. To add a file, click Upload Files under the "Add" drop-down menu beside the folder you wish to add to. upload files.PNG
  2. Here you will have the option to drag and drop files to upload or "Switch to file browser upload".
    • If using Drag and Drop:
    1. Find the file on your local computer/device, and drag it over into the open space. Or click in the open space to bring up the browser upload window where you can select the file.
    2. Choose the copyright status and click "Upload Files Now".
    • If using the browser upload:
    1. Click Choose File and browse your local computer/device to find the item you wish to upload. Once you find one click Open.
    2. If you use the browser upload option, you will have the option to add a "Display Name". If you leave this blank then the original file name will be used as the display name
    3. To add additional details click Add details for this item, which will allow you to do the following:
    4. Note that there is a 200 character limit (including the extension) to the title of the file you are attempting to upload.
    5. Choose the copyright status and click Upload Files Now.
    • If you wish to upload another file simply click the Add Another File option below yellow upload area and it will open another file selection area.

Editing File Details

To edit the name, description, availability, access settings, and other optional properties for a file, click Edit Details from the "Actions" drop-down menu next to the file. Edit details.PNG

Make your required changes, and then click Update to save them.

Updating Files

To update a file in Drop Box, select Upload New Version in the "Actions" drop-down menu beside the file you wish to replace.

  • A window will open prompting you to select a new version of the file from your local computer/device.
  • Choose a new file, click Open then click Upload New Version Now to save the file replacement.

This can be a useful function if you are using Drop Box to provide feedback or comments on student's work, or if revised materials need to be uploaded. It is important to keep in mind that the original file will be completely replaced.

Working With Folders

The folders in Drop Box are automatically created for each user/student. Each folder will be named according to the user's name (Last Name, First Name) and are automatically organized in alphabetical order.

Creating New Folders

Folders can be manually created in Drop Box. As an instructor or maintainer, the folders you create will not be visible to students. Students can only create subfolders within their own folder.

  1. From the "Add" drop-down menu beside the top-level folder (this folder is named according to the name of your Site), choose Create Folders.
  2. To add a description and other details click Add details for this item. This will allow you to complete the following:
    • Enter an optional description for the folder in the text box provided.
    • By default, students cannot view these newly created folders unless they are created within their folder.
  3. To create another folder once you are done the first one click Add Another Folder above Create Folders Now.
    • This will open up another area to create an additional folder in the exact same manner as in the above steps.
    • Click the red X next to any folder you wish to remove from the list.
    • Click Create Folders Now when finished with the details.

Editing Folder Details

To edit any of the features of folder that you initially had the ability to create complete the following steps:

  • Choose Edit Details from the Actions drop-down menu beside the folder you wish to edit.
  • Make the required changes and choose Update to save these changes.

Viewing/Opening Items

Opening Folders

To open a folder, click on the title or folder icon.

  • Clicking the title will redirect you to a page only containing that folder's contents. Clicking the icon will keep you in the same page with all of the Drop Box folders still viewable.
  • To determine which folder you are currently browsing in, look at the Location below the Drop Box header.

file path.PNG

  • If the folder icon next to the name of the folder shows a plus sign (+) this indicates that there are items within this folder.
  • If the folder icon is blank there are no files within this folder, but it can still be opened when clicked on.

After opening the folder, the items and/or subfolders will appear below slightly indented.

opening folder.PNG

Opening Files

To open a single file, click on the item you wish to open.

  • Some files may open automatically in your internet browser in a new tab or window, such as HTML files, PDFs, web links.
  • Other files will either begin to download automatically or you may have to manually select where to save the file.

Working with Web Links (URLs)

Adding Web Links(URLs)

The Drop Box tool allows you to add a web link (URL) into folders.

  • To add a Web Link select Add Web Links(URLs) from the Add drop-down menu beside the folder you wish to add the link into.
  • A window will open prompting you you enter a URL (the web address that can be found in the top of your browser).
  • Type/paste a URL into the appropriate field and give it a Display Name that will be the name visible to those accessing the link in Resources.

Working With HTML Pages

This function of Drop Box allows you to create and format an HTML page, which will open in a new window/tab when accessed.

Creating an HTML Page

  1. Select Create HTML Page from the Add drop-down menu.
  2. Use the standard text editor to enter text and other items such as images and headers.
  3. You can use some of the formatting tools available or work with HTML code by clicking Source in the top left corner of the text editor to view the code side of your page.
    • Note that if pasting any content from a Word document, you are required to use the Paste From Word function (small icon with a blue W) in the text editor.
      • Make sure to Remove Style Definitions when pasting into the provided window.
  4. Enter a title and an optional description in the text areas provided for the page.
  5. Control who has access to the page and at what time it will be available under Availability and Access.
  6. Click Optional Properties to add a more detailed description for the page.
  7. Click Finish once you have chosen all of the features and have added all of the needed details.

Remember that the page can always be updated at a later time if need be.

How To…

Move an Item

Unlike in the Resources tool, you can only move files in one Drop Box, not from folder to folder.

In order to move single files:

  1. From the Actions drop-down menu beside the folder/item you wish to move select Move.

move item.PNG

    • This will generate clipboard icons beside other folders, clicking on these icons will move the selected item into the new area.
    • If there is no clipboard icon then you cannot move a folder/item to that location.
  1. Click on the clipboard icon beside the folder you wish to move the selected item/folder into.

The second method below can be used to move single and multiple items as one group.

  1. Beside the item(s) you wish to move, check-off the small box(es) to the left of the item(s)/folder(s).
    • Once you select one of these boxes, three options (Remove, Move, and Copy) will become available just above the table of folders in Resources. remove file other.PNG
    • You can select multiple items and folders but remember that you can only move these items as one group into a single new location.
  2. Once you select all of the items/folders you wish to move click Move right below the Location: and then click the clipboard icon beside the area you wish to move the items/folders to.

Copy An Item

You can copy single items/folders as well as multiple items/folders in the same way that you would move an item.

  1. From the Actions drop-down menu, select Copy beside the item/folder you wish to copy.
  2. Click on the clipboard icon beside the folder you wish to copy the selected item/folder into.

Alternative method:

  1. Check-off the small box(es) next to the item(s)/folder(s) you wish to copy.
  2. Click the Copy button just above the folders table in Resources and then click on the clipboard icon beside the location you wish to copy the selected item(s)/folder(s).

Rename Items

  1. From the Actions drop-down menu beside the item/folder you wish to rename, select Edit Details.
  2. Enter a new name in the provided field and click Update when the necessary changes have been made.

Delete/Remove Items

There are two ways (like copying and moving) to delete/remove items and folders.

First Method (single items/folders only):

  1. From the "Actions" drop-down menu select Remove.
  2. Ensure the correct items/folders are being removed and click Remove to finish the process.

Second Method (both single and multiple items/folders):

  1. Check-off the box(es) beside the item(s)/folder(s) to be removed.
  2. Click the Remove button just above the table of folders and continue through the remaining prompts to ensure that you are deleting the correct item(s)/folder(s).

Permissions in Drop Box

Drop Box only allows students/users access to their own folder. This means only the instructor/maintainer has access to all users's folders and the content they upload there.