What is the Course Readings Tool?

Course Readings is a tool for managing and viewing the assigned readings and course reserves for a given class. It is available through the OWL learning management system. Instructors are able to request library course reserves, request custom course books, and create and manage other supplemental materials of any format across courses. Students have access to a customizable list of course readings, often including PDF versions of the documents. The Course Readings tool in OWL will be available Aug 2, 2016.

What is the Purpose of the Course Readings Tool?

The purpose of the Course Readings tool is to allow students easy access to copyright and AODA compliant material, and for instructors to be able to easily request and manage that content.

The course readings allows for:

How to use the Course Readings Tool?

For information on how to use the Course Readings service, see the external link: Documentation from Western Libraries

The Course Readings tool can be added to a course by following these steps:

1. From inside your OWL site, choose “site info” from the left menu


2. Choose “Edit Tools” from the top menu


3. Scroll to the bottom of the list of tools and click on “Plugin Tools”


4. Select “Course Readings”


5. Click continue


6. Click finish


Now you will see the tool on the left hand side