COURSE OUTLINE - Mathematics 9306A - Banach Function Spaces

Location and Times: MWF 12:30-1:30 from Sep 5 to Dec 4, 2019 in MC 108

Prerequisites: A course in Measure Theory

Instructor Information: Gord Sinnamon (, Professor, Department of Mathematics.

Course Description: Function spaces and duality, Lebesgue and Lorentz spaces, rearrangement-invariant spaces, weighted Hardy inequalities, interpolation spaces, Calderon's theorem, positive operators, monotonicity in function spaces.

Textbook: None, course notes will be provided.

Coursework: Students are expected to attend all lectures and complete all assignments and examinations. No aids are permitted in examinations.

Evaluation: Assignments 30%, Midterm 30%, Final Examination 40%. There will be five assignments tentatively due on Sept 20, Oct 4, Oct 18, Nov 13, and Nov 27. The midterm test will be held in late October and the final examination will be held during the mid-year examination period in December; both will be scheduled in consultation with students.

Absences: If you miss or expect to miss a lecture, an assignment deadline, the midterm, or the final examination, contact Gord Sinnamon as soon as possible. Approved absences will be accommodated.

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